Social Security Disability Legal Services

Social Security disability services cover cases in which you have been injured at work, turned down for social security benefits, are suffering from past work related injuries, and are unable to work due to your current disability. The Law Office of Craig S. Fine can assist you with your legal needs and help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Craig S. Fine, with over 23 years as a social security attorney, will find the best solution for your case.

Who qualifies for Social Security disability benefits?

Navigating the process of obtaining SSD or SSI benefits is challenging and can result in legitimate claims being denied. If you are applying for SSD or SSI benefits, The Law Office of Craig S. Fine can steer you through the application process and help you with SSD or SSI benefit denials, hearings and appeals. We understand how the right medical evidence can be the deciding factor to prove that your condition prevents you from working in a substantial gainful activity. Our Monticello, NY, Social Security disability attorneys work carefully and thoroughly to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Who decides if I am eligible?

Craig S. Fine, social security attorney, will review your application to make sure you meet basic requirements for disability benefits and will check to ensure you have worked enough years to qualify.

We will evaluate any current work activities and make sure no detail goes unnoticed. If you meet these requirements, we will send your application to the Disability Determination Services office in your state.

This state agency completes the disability decision for us. Doctors and disability specialists in the state agency ask your doctors for information about your condition.

They will consider all the facts in your case. They will use the medical evidence from your doctors and hospitals, clinics or institutions where you have been treated and all other information. They will ask your doctors what your medical condition is and when your medical condition began.